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Welcome to Granny Annie’s Retro Sweet Shop

Granny Annie was a Lancashire lass who ran one of those sweet shops that brings back memories of cherry lips, palma violets & bon-bons. The rows and rows of jars filled with multi-coloured jewels mixed with the sweet smell of toffee, raspberry and sherbet was so exciting, that a trip to Granny Annie’s was such a treat it still makes us giddy thinking about it.

As Granny Annie measured a quarter of humbugs into a white paper bag, she would be watching the scales balance exactly and then, with a smile that was warm as toast, she’d let one more sweet drop into the bag, as the scales tipped just over.

Granny Annie knew all our names and it was such a happy time.

Now Granny Annie’s is back with your sweet shop favourites, delivered direct to you with the same care, attention and love that you remember so well.

Granny Annie has a couple of different ways for you to order your sweets. You can pick your favourites and buy in set weights of 200g/400g/750g/1kg from our range of categories or you can use our Pick N Mix for up to 10 varieties of sweets in a 1kg bag!

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